Satellite use cases

by Victor on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Terrestrial Broadband Supplementation / Satellite Broadband Delivery

South Africa is in dire need to rapidly expand its internet and online resources, which has to start at the infrastructure level. MzansiSat is not stepping into the ring to fight the current players, but to support them in what they are already doing best: Connect people and provide service. Increased wealth in South Africa means an increased need for connectivity due to the higher incidence of mobile/electronic devices, along with an increasingly service-focused economy. The dawn of the Internet of things, which is an opportunity for emerging market, however, represents a threat to existing infrastructures; More about that later in this list.

5G - Backhaul

Any country that wishes to deploy a 5G network, or even considers it needs existing orbital resources. We can help SA to develop and operate such 5G infrastructure. It is not the cheapest form of communication indeed; however, it has its place in a wide range of applications and super-dense environments, which means that there can be locally operated 5G networks, backed through our satellite, which virtually eliminated the need for mandatory national coverage for any operator. This “option” might get more people onboard than the force of the executive by itself.

Remote Healthcare & Diagnostics

One of the most significant challenges we are facing as a nation is to stay healthy and care for those that aren’t. Through MzansiSat it will become possible to make proactive care through remote diagnostics and interventions more efficient and ultimately widespread. Integrating existing services and solutions into our infrastructure allows the state to respond quicker and better to events in catchment areas. We’re not just talking about the location and management of infectious disease, but also, with an increasingly old population, providing care for adult onset conditions and therapy thereof. Facing the scope of existing possibilities within what’s doable in the space of connected medicine and the possibility it harbours for South Africa we are very excited indeed to get involved in this field.

E-Learning & Augmentation of Teaching Quality

Education is the key to prosperity in life; So is the saying - Yet in many areas in South Africa authorities charged with providing education is over-stretched and under-funded. A remedy, albeit only partial, is the possibility to make significant (or all!) parts of the school- syllabus across all grades available digitally in written and filmed form. From Servers, through our network, the learning experience can be beamed into classrooms across the country to substitute or complement local resources within the South African Schooling System. Through the power of the digital realm, learning materials can quickly be distributed across the country across all languages, and the pupils mobile devices become extensions of their school day since they are likely to own a mobile phone.

Banking & Financial Freedom Interventions

The precursor of the Blockchain Economy; We aim to empower individuals and SME’s to do their thing and encourage the growth of commerce. However, cannot happen if the most basic infrastructure to carry out financial transactions is not available. Through our satellite technology, we don’t just get more people online. We also offer them tools and opportunities to take control of their finance; South African banking law is quite progressive when it comes to getting people into the financial loop. Furthermore offering tools to the employed/working population to better meter and control their expenses in any form also pushes the envelope in regards to creating confidence in themselves and the markets.

Streaming & App-sphere

An obvious contender on this list. We’re aiming to provide subscribes lines with at least 15 Mbit/s two allow them to use the full range of standard web and streaming services online. Social media and traditional Media distribution companies; their border are increasingly blurred, and in an environment of the rapid evolution of the app-space, we want to offer a platform that allows users to interact and create new business models on our platform.

Administration & Smart Cities

Away with the paper! We advocate fully digital protocols to better run and expand cities across the country. The government is one of our focus customers on this project since nobody else is more concerned with effective management and administration of the territory and its people. Faster and satellite-based communications shall contribute to substantially cutting the time spend making decisions on a level as low as municipal and offer great insight and scope to governors to intervenes as they see fit. Also, we can deploy a network able to handle Blockchain protocols in even the most remote regions, with the aim to deliver better administration and attention to urban and rural spaces. This ties into the next category:

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT for us means an exponential growth of transaction within a given network, which are much smaller than “classic” online interactions/transactions. Our infrastructure can countrywide support a rollout for IoT systems and solutions, at a reasonable latency. An ailment of the South African government is the much-mentioned slowness at which decision processes are moving. Blockchain protocols in conjunction with IoT applications are a viable intervention to improve the day-to-day running of our beautiful country by letting machines do the admin and give more time to us to do what we enjoy.

Defence, Security & Disaster Relief

Our Satellite is a sovereign; Meaning that South Africa and its actors control and operate it; No more at the mercy of foreign 3rd-party providers. The new confidence and power generated for military, police and disaster relief agencies across the board since they can flexibly deploy satellite resources worldwide (Within our reach). Currently the SANDF and the Navy are relying on civilian, satellite telecom providers to feed them with a beam, in whichever theatre they operate in, and at times they are left stranded, without connection and information to the outer world severely dampening the impact of their work and at worst putting our serving personnel lives at risk. Our approach is to use the best of the military and civilian realm to create a satellite for South Africa since Commercial and Government customers want the same from a telecoms provider. Uptime, availability and speed